About Us

Fancy Thought's mission is to make sure that every little girl knows that God created her with purpose. So many young women reach points in life where they have no idea what they should be doing or what direction they should follow. It is our goal to make sure that the idea of a God-given purpose is such a strong thought in their mind that they never reach that hopeless place. It is our mission to create a community of young women dedicated to living a life led by God and daring to go against the grain. 

We provide Bible based resources that…  

  • Provide girls with guidance on how to handle common life situations from a faith-based perspective. 
  • Promote activities that encourage reflective thought and relationship-building activities.
  • Help girls begin to start thinking about their purpose and how they fit into God’s plan.

It is our prayer that each of our items inspire our daughters to follow God and love him with their whole hearts!