About Us

Prior to the launch of Fancy Thoughts, God began to deal with me about the topic of purpose. I reflected on all of the different career moves I had made. All of the shiny pennies I had chased, realizing that each of those moves were made because of the influence of society. I started to think back to what my thoughts were before the distractions took hold, and I was reminded that I had a desire to share the good news of Christ at a very early age. I remembered how proud I always felt about my decision to go against the grain when that meant keeping my integrity in tact. Those thoughts and those memories inspired Fancy Thoughts. 

Here at Fancy Thoughts, we  believe that God created each of us with a Purpose.  We are on a mission to provide girls with resources to help keep this fact at the forefront of their mind. We want to create resources that help young girls stay on track so they can be prepared to step into the life that God destined for them. 

We provide faith-based resources that…  

  • Provide girls with guidance on how to handle common life situations from a faith-based perspective. 
  • Promote activities that encourage reflective thought and relationship-building activities.
  • Help girls begin to start thinking about their purpose and how they fit into God’s plan.